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Vibe Telecom will ensure your business will always get the right tariff and the right technology because we are totally independent.

This means we can give you free and unbiased bill analysis, along with quality advice and high levels of customer service.

A mobile world

The mobile world has bred an assumption of “expect all the phones for nothing” which in many cases leads to the wrong phone for the job and the wrong total cost.

Compared to a network offering a two year deal involving a free iPhone we might typically save you 24.16%, and if you use your existing phone the saving could increase to a whopping 70%.

Here's a Typical Example

A network might look at a single user who only uses 150mins per month and talks them into a free iPhone @ £40per month on a two year tariff giving a total cost for this iPhone of £960.

We would have recommended buying the iPhone at £440 and sum only £12.00 for 24 months.


CLIENT SAVING (if having a new iPhone) - £232.00

CLIENT SAVING (if using existing phone) - £672.00

Multiply these savings by just 5 users and you can imagine how much you could potentially save straight onto your bottom line as more profits because we gave you good advice.

Benefits of discussing your mobile accounts with Vibe Telecom

  • Bespoke packages to suit your companies’ business needs.
  • What data use: Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Windows.
  • Latest iPhone packages available with leased options if required.
  • Wide choice of bespoke Data packages to suit individual or group usage.
  • Microsoft 365 reseller and email set ups.
  • Plus much more...

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