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Legacy Telephone Systems

You might hear this myth... "older telephone systems cannot be maintained”. We say - nonsense, many are still serviceable.

A complete guide to the BT Switch-Off

Many so-called ‘ageing’ telephone systems can still be supported

Our engineers are trained in a wide range of telephone systems which include NEC, Siemens, Nortel, BT, Samsung, Panasonic, and many more. Although parts aren't available as new, the majority can still to be sourced. Obviously this means not all additons or repairs can be completed as quickly as say a newer telephone system, but none the less it is still oen doable.

Have even more peace of mind

In fact there are still telephone systems out there that not only are we prepared to service for you, but we're also prepared to offer you even more peace of mind by protecting it for you with a maintenance agreement. Why not give us a call to see if your telephone system would qualify for cover... you might be surprised at just how affordable a maintenance agreement actually is. You can learn more about the maintenance we offer here.

So, when do you upgrade your telephone system?

Benefits & Savings

You want to take advantage of the many benefits and savings which a modern telephone system can bring (and you might be surprised at how affordable it is too).

Quality & Reliability

Or it might be that your current telephone system is just simply no longer able deliver what you need or it really is becoming unreliable.

We can help you go through your options on whether to go for a new telephone system or retain your existing one

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