IP DECT Survey

IP-DECT technology allows a wireless, free movable communication through more mobile devices, used mostly by larger businesses. By utilising a circuit switched topology IP DECT delivers a higher quality of service for voice traffic. IP DECT solutions are perfect for businesses that cover a wide area and need staff to freely move around while having a clear, seamlessly integrated conversation with the customer. Many businesses such as hospitals, car dealerships and factories all find the IP DECT most useful to their business.

IP-DECT solutions give the customer reliable and stable service and communication whilst tending to the needs of businesses on scale, connectivity and also the area covered by base stations. Depending on the amount of base stations needed or purchased you will be able to cover the full area needed to allow for calls to integrate through the whole site.

To certify the amount of base stations or phones needed with the IP DECT feel free to get in contact to arrange a survey or to enquire about purchasing IP DECT products.

More on DECT Systems and Devices - http://www.vibetelecom.co.uk/file/nec-tru-guide-v1-4-vibe.pdf

Posted by Luke on November 29th 2016

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