Hosted vs On Premises Communications

You might hear this Myth..."Hosted Telephone Systems are the ONLY way to go"

We Say - Not necessarily, in fact the information on this page might just surprise you

But before we go into more detail, lets be clear in that there are some good Hosted Systems to choose from (and some not so good) and that dependent on your individual requirements Hosted Solutions might be the right choice to meet your circumstances. We can guide you through your options when deciding which way to go and we can provide you with a Hosted Solution if that best suits your needs.

When choosing the right communications platform for your business it goes without saying that your needs are important. It's also important to keep in mind it's about your customers too. Your business is judged on a daily basis. If your response rates aren't up to scratch your customers can seek out your competitors and may be lost indefinitely.

Even basic poor voice quality from a hosted solution with an insufficient network can be enough to damage your professional company image.

Many Hosted systems are low on telephony features which can have a direct impact on how you are perceived by your customers.

Before we go into cost comparisons, you might also find it useful to go through these costing myth busters too 

As a cost comparison exercise an NEC SV9100 On Premise telephone system has been used. The results aren't at all surprising. Over a period of time owning your own On Premise telephone system can save you money!!

But that's not all, there are other benefits too...

  1. You are in effect hosting your own telephone system, so you're in full control ... "always"
  2. You can still benefit from VoIP technology as you could still be using SIP telephone lines
  3. You can benefit from all the traditional telecom features that you would lose with a hosted system
  4. If you did need to change supplier, it's easier to do so without the huge upheaval of having to change equipment and system programming.

So Which Telephone System?

Vibe Telecom can provide an On Premise or a Hosted solution. We have no bias towards either, and we're not tied to any particular manufacturer.  We just want you to have the best fit for you. The reason for the stats on this page is because many of our competitors might only offer you the Hosted solution whilst having you believe it's the only way, failing to give you the opportunity to at least explore the On Premises option which ultimatley might be better for you. 

We would suggest you allow us sit down with you and guide you through all of your options and look at both solutions fairly. Then whichever best fits your needs and goals we would be delighted to carry out all the work for you with a fully project managed installation finished off with end user training.

Should the On Premises be the better option, we would strongly recommend you consider the...

Ericsson LG iPECS ...find out more

NEC SV9100 ...find out more


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