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Wildix Cloud PBX

The First Sales-Oriented Unified Communications Solution

Your communications system can either boost your revenue or prevent your Sales and Marketing Team from reaching their goals.

Turn your communications solution into the core of your operations and grow your business, all while saving time and maintaining total security.

Find the perfect booster for each step of your customer journey, right from your browser and through your phone.

Wildix Unified Solutions for your business from £8.00 p/m*

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How would Unified Communications improve my business?

Thanks to unified communications and collaboration tools, your employees can save up to 25% of their time spent on daily communication tasks (2 hours per employee per day). You can reducetime-wasting activities and focus on sales and other tasks that increase your company’s revenue.

However, not all UC&C systems are the same. What prevents you from seeing profitable results from your unified communications solution in terms of productivity and efficiency?

  • Too difficult: When employees can’t start using the new UC&C soware right away, it leads to a high abandonment rate.
  • Not web-based: UC&C soware must be installed and updated by IT professionals. This makes it especially difficult for people working from home.
  • Not unified: You need to use different applications/software for video conferencing, group chats and video calls.

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Wildix Collaboration

Collaboration is a web-based tool for business communication that enables teams to work together efficiently. It brings all your real-time communications tools together in one place: chat, audio calls, video calls, video conferencing and much more. Thanks to Wildix Collaboration, colleagues and departments located in different parts of the world can work together as a team.

Unlike other UCaaS solutions, Wildix Collaboration is:

  • Easy to use –Intuitive and easy to use, and no end-user training is required.
  • Fully web-based – with native support for WebRTC to enable audio and video calls from the browser without additional software installation.
  • Truly unified – Truly unified, enabling you to manage all your communication tasks from the same user interface, including group chats and video conferencing.

Wildix Devices

The first phones designed for businesses that help increase your productivity and are Secure by Design.
Wildix devices are the only VoIP phones that display the presence status information of on-site and remote colleagues.

Wildix Super Vision

The ultimate in communication hardware, ideal for Management. 

  • Android 5.1 OS
  • Touchscreen
  • 5 MP removable webcam
  • WebRTC videoconference
  • 8” color display 1280×800
  • Bluetooth 4.1

Wildix Vision

Fully WebRTC ready, the perfect handset for senior employees.

  • Android 5.1 OS
  • 7” color display 1024*600
  • Touchscreen
  • Presence & Chat
  • 2MP webcam
  • WebRTC video conference
  • Bluetooth 2.0

Wildix Workforce

The Office Phone for your Employees.

  • Integrated Collaboration Feature
  • 5G / WiFi dongle-ready
  • USB Headset-compatible
  • USB Bluetooth dongle connectivity
  • New, faster chipset
  • Added support for monitoring presence status of colleagues via BLF key

Wildix WelcomeConsole 5

Built with call centers and front desks in mind.

  • WiFi dongle ready
  • 4.3" colour display
  • Visual voicemail
  • Speakerphone
  • Two built-in expansion screens
  • Bluetooth and USB ports

Wildix ForcePro

Helping you face customers like a pro.

  • 45 BLF keys
  • 4.3" colour display
  • Caller image
  • Visual voicemail
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connection
  • Speakerphone

Wildix Start

Make calling quick, simple and easy for everyone.

  • Wall-mountable 
  • 4 BLF keys
  • 128*48 dot-matrix with backlight
  • Visual voicemail
  • Entry-level IP handset

Wildix Headsets

Often, colleagues can’t tell whether you are busy with a call or not. The DuoLED and MonoLED headsets solve this problem and save everyone’s time by showing your coworkers when you are available. These innovative headsets include a range of superb features:

  • Mono or DUO with Built in Status LED
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Exceptional Audio Quality & Built in Noise Cancellation
  • Perfect for Working From the Office or at Home
  • For use Direct with PC & All Wildix Devices

Wildix Conferencing


The Wildix Video Conferencing Solution.

  • Simplicity – Easy to navigate user interface that can be configured with zero prior training
  • Connectivity – WizyConf can connect to other WizyConf hardware, and any computers, tablets and mobile devices. Users can host a full video conferencewith any party, even users that do not have a Wildix Licence can join rightthrough their browser.
  • Security – Connections are established directly from WizyConf browser toother participants with no rerouting or mid-servers. A safe, encrypted user to user connection

WizyConf Anywhere

Ideal for Remote Users.

  • Licence Required – UC Business
  • Hardware – Your Laptop or Smartphone
  • Simple and Easy to Use!

WizyConf Huddle Room

For Small Meeting Rooms.

  • Licence Required – UC Business
  • Hardware – WizyConf Huddle Room
  • Get connected in under 1 minute

WizyConf Conference Room

For Large Meeting Rooms

  • Licence Required – UC Business, UC WizyConf Room
  • Hardware – WizyConf Station•Hardware available as a Service
  • Hardware available as a Service. Click here to download the WildixWizyConf Brochure

Wildix End User Videos

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